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What Have I Done to my Husband?


It all started with a little too much wine one night.

I got a little devilish and decided to enter DaveyG in the Ironman Kona lottery without telling him. I giggled…….cackled to myself as I filled in all his information and hit “submit”.

While it seemed funny at the time, I realized too, it’s more than fair justification for divorce, had he gotten in, so in retrospect, I am kinda glad he didn’t.

A couple years later, I poured DaveyG a bit too much wine and talked him into entering the Kona lottery himself. Much safer on the marriage….but the result was the same.

Thru those years and all that “false hope” that he’d get into Kona thru the lottery, I think I planted a bit of a seed in the brain of my otherwise golf loving husband.

“Could I do an Ironman?”

A couple years ago, Dave ran his first “serious” marathon. There had been one before that, sure, but we promised to never speak of it again, so his first “real one” was just over a year ago. He trained for and ran the Boston Marathon in 3 hours, 18 minutes. A straight up legitimate time. So legitimate, in fact, that he qualified himself to race in the next year (this year)’s Boston Marathon. He was a bit slower this year, but it was also 95 degrees, and everyone was slower.

With his marathon success, that seed began to sprout. He knew he could swim (Dave swam competitively in college, setting records that held until just a few years ago). He knew he could run. He had the engine. It needed some additional training.

But the handicap would suffer. There was no doubt about that.

He finally pulled the trigger and secured himself a slot for tomorrow’s Ironman Lake Placid. While it hasn’t been easy to prepare, he’s been very lucky. No injuries; just a few little niggles. And he scored a wicked good deal on a coach. I warned him that you get what you pay for! But he didn’t seem to listen.

So here we are. It’s 8:30 the night before his first Ironman. Judging by the noises he’s making, Dave is fast asleep. I, on the other hand, am a nervous wreck! Earlier in the week, I did a clinic thru my awesome sponsor, Infinit Nutrition, in conjunction with my other awesome sponsors; Saucony, Kestrel and Fuel Belt. During the Q&A, I urged the clinic attendees to be kind to one another in the swim. Sure….it’s good practice not to beat the hell out of your fellow competitors, but here in Lake Placid, it’s sort of inevitable……but I hoped a kind reminder might save my DaveyG a dunking, ankle grab, or shoulder shove or two…..purely selfish.

Truth be told? It’s a little known secret that Dave is the better athlete in our family….so I have no doubts he’ll be great!

Some people get drunk and conceive children. We roll differently. We got drunk and turned my husband into an Ironman! (Though I think it’s fair to say, he’ll never let me get him drunk again. Lord knows what I’ll sign him up for next!)

Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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