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3 Week Summary


So behind in blogging, it’s actually stressing me out. Well….not really. It’s a blog after all. There are 4 people who read it and I am fairly certain that the world is still spinning just fine on it’s axis despite the fact that I haven’t spouted off in a while.

So rather than rehashing the blow by blow of the last 3 weeks (I’ve read blogs like that. In a word? Bor-RING!), here are some observations from the blur of the last 21 days.

  • I am entirely familiar with both Boston Logan and Los Angeles International Airports at this time. In fact, my travel schedule has been so crazy, I am starting to recognize the airline employees. And yes, that DOES scare me.
  • Rhode Island 70.3 was not nearly as bad as many athletes had whined about on Slowtwitch. The water quality was fine. The bike course; stunningly beautiful. Yes, it got a little bumpy in the end, but the race officials had marked nearly every chip in the pavement and couldn’t have done a better job. If you want perfection, stay inside ride your compu trainer. But the Rhode Island course is NOT as bad as people had kvetched about.
  • I may well be allergic to bees.
  • Epi-pen makes me cramp uncontrollably.
  • Not every registered nurse is good at starting an IV and I have the track marks in my forearm to prove it.
  • Being healthy enough to finally race felt like a million bucks, wrapped up in a little bit of sunshine with chocolate syrup drizzled on top, accompanied by a nice bold Cabernet with a slobbery kiss from Riley the Wonderdog. In otherwords….there’s nothing better
  • Monday morning quarterbacking the Rhode Island race? Siri and Coach Calvin have me swimming and biking better than I have in my career, and that is only going to get better. My run is slower to come around, but I know it’s coming. Doubters be damned.
  • Being home with my DaveyG and Riley the Wonderdog? Priceless.
  • Racing your first double after having raced only once in a year is intimidating.
  • Siri knows just what to say to get my head in the right place when I otherwise want to freak out.
  • Lake Michigan is beautiful.
  • My cousin Bill and his wife Kerrie are absolute ROCKSTARS for jumping in the car and coming up to Racine to see me. Best surprise ever!
  • My run fitness did not magically appear in a week, but posting a strong double gives me confidence that my overall fitness is good, and getting better.  Rome was not built in a day
  • My Kestrel 4000 complete with Shimano Di2 might be my favorite material possession aside from my wedding rings.
  • Lake Placid is a beautiful place, but I am more of an ocean person, if I am being honest.
  • Seeing triathletes riding around town helmetless makes me so angry, I could spit. Had I been more aware, I’d have looked at your race number on your bike, posted it publically and humiliated the crap out of you because you are stupid.
  • I have awesome sponsors who, together, supported a super clinic on Friday. We had over 60 athletes attend and gave away some great stuff from Infinit, Saucony, Kestrel and Fuel Belt. And I think everyone learned a few things too!
  • My Team Psycho teammates are great. It was awesome to ride with many of them I haven’t ridden with in ages and I loved dropping just a couple of them!
  • Having my DaveyG race an Ironman was actually more nerve-racking than if I were racing myself. But that’s OK because I think DaveyG feels that racing is worse than supporting, so we’re both happy to return to our original roles.
  • There is an awful lot of drafting that goes on out there across the board; male, female, pro, amateur. Clean it up, people.
  • Andy Potts raced the snot out of that course. Amazing.
  • My husband in an Ironman and I am so proud of him!


the griesbauers


  • On my way back out to re-join my SELTS squad-mates and loving every minute of it.

Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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