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Strength and Honor

It is less often than I’d like that I feel I have the opportunity to do some good. This week, I was made to feel I had done just that.

Most triathletes are familiar with the incredible story of Jon Blais, "the Blazeman, Warrior Poet". I had the chance to meet Jon a few times, both at Hawaii and in Clearwater. If you know Jon and know is story and aren’t moved by it…quite frankly, you aren’t human.

Jon was an amazing athlete; not because of his speed or his innate talent, but because of his willingness to suffer for a cause. When this man’s life was turned upside down because of a diagnosis of ALS, instead of shutting it down and enjoying his remaining days sunning himself on exotic beaches, and eating great foods and drinking great wines, he chose to subject himself to additional suffering by racing Ironman to increase awareness of his condition, "so others might live". Jon’s dedication to getting the message out was blunt, poignant, and defined his character to the core. I did not know Jon before he was diagnosed with ALS, nor did I know him well after, but I see what he’s done, and I am moved by it.

More so, I am moved by the foundation that continues Jon’s work today. Fueled by the passion and dedication of his parents, Jon’s mission continues to this day. Jon’ mom told me in a recent email that Jon was convinced that his message, his mission, would die with his body and they have dedicated themselves for this not to be the case.

I envy their passion and while I wish I could do more for the cause, the least I can do is keep Jon at the forefront of my mind and do my part to keep his mission alive. Check out the new Warrior Poet’s website at

Strength and Honor, and in memory of a great man.

Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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