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Small Victories

I haven’t updated in a while and lots has happened, so I’ll take the opportunity on this soggy "spring" weekend to post some updates. I had an awesome 3 weeks of training in San Diego. I really loved training out there. Katja was a great training partner and we had some epic rides. Swimming outdoors was divine and I just loved all the trails through some beautiful scenery; perfect for running. All in all, a wonderful experience. Special thanks to Katja, San Dieguito Masters, Dan Selstad and Dave Richardson!

I’ve been home for a couple weeks now and the most exciting news…..after 3? years, and more than a few attempts, I FINALLY did a pull up ALL BY MYSELF. I know….small beans to most of you, but I spent at least the past 2 decades of my life convinced that it was physically impossible for me to do a pull up. Not physically in terms of strength, but physically in terms of physics. I was convinced that my big ’ol orangutan arms made it impossible for me to do a pull up. Every time I had pull-ups on my workout at Cressey Performance, I’d pout. "Hate pull ups. Can’t do ’em". Every time, I’d have to get help and every time, I was pretty sure that Eric was getting more of a workout helping my sorry butt than I was trying to do the dang pull up.

Then, "it" happened. In my first workout back in the gym after being in San Diego, I wandered over to the bar and in a surreal moment, managed to pull myself up. Then in a moment I’d rather forget, I dropped to the ground and did a victory dance…right there in the middle of Cressey Performance, complete with 275 lb linebacker deadlifting 600 pounds on my right, 190 lb athlete of other sorts to my left looking at me wondering "whose the girl dancing in the gym over one lousy pull up?"

Note to self…no victory dancing in the gym.

Still, it was a big break thru for me. I had some "Mommy Dearest" type stand-offs with my college coach over pull-ups. I’d hang, he’d growl for me to pull up, and I couldn’t ….so I’d hang. Might have actually made my arms longer, now that I think about it, all that hanging I did.

Will it make me a better triathlete? I have no idea…but I also know it’s important to celebrate the small victories because you never know if there will be big ones!! So yippie for me. I can do a pull up.

I can also do 55 glute-ham raises in a row. No resting. A Cressey Performance record, no less. Again, will it make me a better triathlete?? Who knows….but I do know that I am heading into this season literally stronger than ever!

Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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