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Will Bike For Beer

Or at least I did on Sunday! In a further attempt to beat off the winter blues, and give us "snow and ice-bound" Bostonians another "race" to look forward to in these seemingly endless winter months, Fast Splits partnered with Harpoon Brewery to host the inaugural Harpoon ITT. Held in the brewery itself, we raced amongst cases and cases of beer. The scent of barley and hops was the perfect motivation to pop a good one; get ’er done fast so you can make it to the beer line!

I knew Karen would put up a fight on this day, as Smyers loves beer more than just about anyone I know, except maybe my mom. The TT course took the form of the last 8 miles of the Harpoon Brewery to Brewery ride; a 145 mile ride from the Harpoon Brewery in South Boston to the Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, VT. Many a time, we’ve gotten to that final hill up, then down into the brewery parking lot when Karen would catch a scent of an IPA wafting from the other side of that hill and she’d be off like a rocket, unleashing some 500 watts of power to get to that glorious first beer.

Now in the Boston Brewery itself, I think Karen could smell blood in the water. There was beer on the line, after all. Lots and lots of free beer.

We got a good warm up with loads of Harpoon as a back drop. I later learned that my friend Elaine (pictured below) called me a wattage beast after our heat. Now, I just don’t think that’s very nice, do you??

Now this course was a bit shorter than last week’s 15K time trial, but as a twist, it finished with the famous "hill" a 1-mile stretch of about a 5% grade, followed by about a mile down at 2-3%. I knew if Karen was in touch at the start of the hill, that I’d be second in that beer line for sure, so I went out a bit harder than last week and prayed I could hold on.

In the end, she made a run at me on the hill, but I managed to eeek away on the final descent. Dave couldn’t have been prouder, dare I say nearly as proud as a top-10 finish in Kona. After all, the prize was a case of Harpoon IPA for winning the heat and another for winning the women’s race. More beer for Davey G!!

Special thanks to FastSplits, and to Jessie, Charlie and Richard from Harpoon for putting on such a spectacular and fun event! And thanks for letting us take beer into the race area!! Thanks to Elaine DeBitetto and David Berkowicz for the fotos!! And to Kestrel. Loving my new ride!!

More incentive for Smyers....

Warming up with Elaine who would later call me a wattage beast....NOT nice, Elaine!! ...and do they really think that "caution" tape is going to keep Karen away from the beer? I think they’re gonna need more tape!

Smyers smells the’s like rocket fuel for a race car!

Davey G will drink tonight!

Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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