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Yep - It’s Winter!

The calendar may well say that the first day of winter is still 18 days away, but living here in Boston, it seems winter has arrived early. The mercury has fallen out of the bottom of the thermometer. Yesterday we got our first measurable snowfall. And last night, that tell-tale Northerly wind was blowing so hard, our grill was bouncing around our deck like a pinball. Yep, winter is definitely here….I don’t care what the calendar says.

I’ve just returned from my morning run. I debated a good while over the location of my run…bundle up in every piece of clothing I own and take to the great outdoors?? … or admit defeat and head in for what will be the first of many indoor treadmill runs?? Since I usually save the treadmill for when it’s too dangerous to run outdoors and since today was mostly just cold and windy and since when were cold and wind really dangerous…..I decided to layer up and head out. I was bundled from tip to toe and wore sunglasses in spite of the fact that it was cloudy. Experience has taught me that running with sunglasses on prevents your eyeballs from freezing inside your head. After about 20 minutes, I had to run with my mouth closed because I was getting brain freeze like when you eat ice cream too quickly. But running with your mouth closed presents another problem altogether; voluminous snot production. Yep, winter is here.

Winter means good stuff too, however! With a bit of an off-season, and no 6 hour rides looming overhead on the weekends, I have a little more free time on my hands. This past weekend, Dave was swamped with work so to keep out of his hair, after I’d done my morning training, I took Riley to see Santa.

Yep…you read that right. I took the dog to sit on Santa’s lap. I know, she’s just a dog and dogs don’t really know who Santa is, but if you go to any department store and look at the line to see Santa you know that half those kids aren’t old enough to know who Santa is either.

So off to Petsmart we went. I felt good about our trip; Riley would get to meet Santa, we’d pay $8 for a lousy picture, but get a nice rubber, tacky as all get out frame and $5 of our $8 was going to pet charities, so we were doing some good for the world as well as having a little fun. After one encounter with a very mean Chihuahua with a serious Napoleon complex, one knocked over display of dog treats, 3 tears shed by a little girl who was teasing Riley with treats and was stunned when Riley ate the treat out of her hand, ....(I might add, the little girl’s mother got all snippy with me when Riley ate the treat out her daughter’s hand and made her cry. But seriously, lady, 1) it’s PETSMART…you know, where PETS GO?? 2) she was dangling a dog treat 3 inches in front of Riley’s nose repeatedly for about 4 minutes in spite of my polite prodding to get her to stop or Riley was going to eat it and 3) it was a DOG treat, meant for DOGS….was she saving it for herself for later?? And 4) there was a bowl of about 800 treats right in the corner so she could have gotten herself another…this I know because I fed Riley about 47 of them while we waited. SHEESH. Whew….glad I got that off my chest! I feel better now.) .....and about 47 dog treats as bribes….below are the results. Priceless!!


Stay Warm!

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