Professional athlete and 3-time Ironman champion

The Best and Worst of 2009

Best: A happy, (mostly) healthy 2009!

Worst: 54.0 inches of snow in Boston this year.

Best: Escaping the late winter weather to go train in Austin, TX with great friends, old and new! Awesome training!

Worst: Getting dropped less than 20 miles into Marble Falls ride with Austin gang and having to complete the 130+ mile ride alone. Squatting to pee during a break around mile 90 on a mound of fire ants was no picnic either.

Best: #4 TPW. Yeah, boyz!! I got the popsicle stick to prove it!

Worst: Broken shifter, broken aero bar cap, flat race tire….all within 72 hours before IM Brazil.

Best: Best new bike sponsor ever in 2009 in Kestrel; had the parts to me within 15 hours. Bike problem solved.

Best: Another Ironman win in Brazil, where I made very many new friends!

Worst: Foregoing port-o-potty lines at Timberman, venturing into the woods, instead, to take care of business pre-race. Succumbing to a raging case of poison ivy, yes, "there", 24 hrs post race.

Best: Proudly watching Davey G. complete his first ½ Ironman at Timberman. Luv u, Davey G! Worst: The "Unhappy Diet"

Best: Going into 2009 IM Hawaii lightest and leanest ever.

Best: Being the uninvited guest at the surprise wedding of friends Pat and Courtney in Kona on Monday, pre-race.

Worst: Bonk at mile 9 of the marathon in Kona and subsequent "Tough love" from Davey G and Smyers from mile 9-13 of the marathon in Kona.

Best: Michael Lovato’s inspiring words in the Energy Lab, and using that inspiration to run my way back into the top 10.

Worst: Post-Kona chaffing and sunburn.

Best: Triathlon-free vacation with Davey G to Napa in November

Worst: Getting on the scale after best triathlon-free vacation to Napa with Davey G in November.

Best: Setting up 2 good friends, both triathletes, who live in different cities, and finding out a month after they met that they are engaged!!

Worst: Losing former swim coach, Richard Quick to brain cancer. Watching friends Maggie and Duffy lose their son to brain cancer as well.

Best: Tricked out new computrainer room! Thanks to Davey G!

Worst: Broken finger from adjusting Compu Trainer class students cadence sensor and having said student start pedaling while my hand was still in his wheel.

Best: Greatest sponsors, supporters and husband in the world.

Worst: Swine Flu 2009.

Best: Plans for an even more epic, more fierce 2010!

Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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