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Weight Room Rant

Dear Jerk-off At the Gym Who are Strong Enough to Leg press and Squat 10,000+lbs,

I understand that the steroid use may have gone to your brain, such that it doesn’t function properly any more, but try to play along with me here. I will use small words so you can keep up.

If you are GD strong enough to be squatting such absurd amounts of weight, you think, just MAYBE you could be man enough to remove said absurd amounts of weight when you are done with the exercise? Oh, I know….you like to leave it on there so everyone can wonder, "Wow, I wonder who was strong enough to lift all that weight?". And "Holy smoke! The weight on either side of that bar is making the bar bend." I am sure it is your dying wish that the entire gym looks around, catching a glance of you, all sweating with your brain vein bulging out from your head like the incredible freaking hulk, and wonders "Was it him?"

I got news for you, you Roid Rage, discourteous jack-a**. I don’t give a flying gosh darn! When I go to the gym, I may not lift heavy weight. I hardly lift any weight at all, in fact. I am a weakling. That’s why I am at the gym lifting weights.

But here’s the real rub of it, you testosterone junkie….when I go to the gym, it is often my 3rd of 4 workouts on the day. I don’t have time to be cleaning up your crap after you. Like I don’t got enough stuff going on in my life that I have to clean up after your negative 14% body fat a**.

Man up and clean up after yourself.


Thank you. xoxo

Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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